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Configure the heat exchanger filling the fields with thermal input. Plair allows you to filter the product lines, select the mechanical options and electrical accessories by ticking the selection boxes.

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By entering the thermal and mechanical requirements, you get real-time all the solutions based on products already available.

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Plair® allows you to customize the datasheet, the visible output fields and sort them as you prefer.

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You can create as many projects as you wish with Plair®. Projects can be edited at anytime and accessed from any device.

Plair® is a secure repository of configurations for you and your customers.

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Once the configuration is complete you will be able to customize and download the unit datasheet and technical drawing.

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They will be able to access, check and edit the configuration with their Plair® account.

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If you don’t have some functionalities you have seen above, or you just want to get more information abount LU-VE Group, get in contact with us using the built in contact function. LU-VE Group air heat exchanger experts will help you to get the best out of Plair®

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Plair® was born from the union of LU-VE Group with Alfa Laval Air Heat Exchangers division to support the market with an online service developed from the experience of those who work in the design and construction of air heat exchangers.